Why the Desert League

Established in 2016, the Desert League of Professional Baseball is an independent minor league based in Arizona. We are a winter league and all of our players are paid.

Our first season featured four teams – Imperial County Ghost Riders, Somerton Canenos, Yuma Hammers and Yuma Maple Leafs. Teams played a 36-game regular season as well as exhibition games against the Cañeros de Los Mochis of Liga Mexicana del Pacífico. Post-season playoffs saw the Maple Leafs capture the first league title defeating Imperial County two games-to-none in the championship series.

Why the Desert League?

Reason 1. Roster Rules

The Desert League offers many players their best chance to play professional baseball because our roster rules. We REQUIRE 12 rookies per team. Last year we signed over 100 players to their first professional contract and as of April 2017 over 50 of these players have moved on to other professional leagues. We have sold players to Major League Baseball organizations, Japanese teams and the Mexican League. Several of our former players have also went on to sign contracts in the Frontier League, the Pecos League, the American Assocation, check out our list of advancements here.

Reason 2. Timing of our season

In 2018 our season will run from mid-January to March, giving players a chance to complete our season and then jump right into spring training with a Major League organization or another Independent league. There are several ” pay-to-play” winter leagues that start after The Desert League, so if a player wants to play pro baseball and gets released from the Desert League they still have time to register and play in a league such as the AWL, CWL, SFWL, Pecos Spring League or Puerto Rico Instructional Baseball League. Players considering playing in these pay-to-play leagues should call our league office at 619 838 6558 before they make a decision to spend thousands of dollars as we visited all the winter leagues last year and would be happy assist you in making the right decision so you don’t get ripped off; some of these leagues are set up only to profit off of and take advantage of players. We are here to help players so please call us anytime.

Reason 3. Our all-new developmental league gives players an “extra chance”

We are excited to announce our new developmental league or “Desert D-League” for the players that attend our training camp and fail to make a team. In other words if a player gets cut in training camp that player will have the option of staying and participating in our developmental league. Our developmental league will be a professional environment “feeder league ” and will host games and practices. Players in this league will receive the same treatment and instruction as the professional players in the Desert League. This will maximize a players’ chances of playing professional baseball; anytime a Desert League player gets injured or released our managers are required to “call up” a player from our developmental league rather than going outside and persuing other free agents. We keep it all in-house.