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The Desert League of Professional Baseball is an independent fall league. The season runs from September until November with each team playing 36 regular season games. All of our players will be paid. No player will pay to play in our league – this is true professional baseball.

We are catering to the first-year pro player. Our goal is to help players get their foot in the door of professional baseball, therefore we have adopted roster rules that require each team to carry 12 rookies. If you are looking for a place to start your professional career look no further. The Desert League is a perfect fit for players that have gone undrafted out of college or players that have been released from pro organizations.


     AVG                                H                               2B                        3B                           HR           

.421  Hunt                             36  Duffin                      9  Billeo                     4  Duffin                      5   Slater

.410  Hoffman                     33  Martinez                8  Stimpson             3  Hoffman                5  Duffin

.397  Briseno                       33  Fabry                        8  Duffin                     2  Six Tied                 4   Van Atta

.388  Terintola                     33  Zaks                         8  Hunt                                                               3   Fabry

.375  Van Atta                       31  Billelo                     7  Two Tied

      RBI                                     SB                                    R              

30   Van Atta                                  19  Moorer                        31  Zaks

28   Billelo                                       18  Wong                            27  Wong

24   Duffin                                       12  Guerra                          27  Fabry

23  Fabry                                        11  Thomas                        27  Billelo

21   Slater                                        10  Two Tied                     25  Van Atta




  • Austin Boyle – Yuma Hammers – signs with Tijuana Toros of AAA Mexican League for upcoming season.
  • YUMA MAPLE LEAFS win regular season championship – face Imperial Ghost Riders in Playoffs
  • ABRAHAM ARIAS NAMED ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – the Imperial Ghost Rider first baseman was chosen by the league managers as the best first-year pro
  • ELIJAH BRISENO NAMED DESERT LEAGUE EL ALMIRANTE MVP – the Yuma Maple Leaf hit .383 as a leadoff hitter and helped lead the Leafs to the regular season championship. The award is named after Mexican League HOFer Nelson Barrera.
  • DEMETRIOUS MOORER NAMED ANTONIO VILLAESCUSA STOLEN BASE CHAMPION – the Maple Leaf led the league in steals with 19 and outran all players when it came to the base paths.
  • SCOTT NATHANSON Named MANAGER OF THE YEAR after leading his Maple Leafs to both the regular season and championship winner’s circle.
  • KORI MELLO Named THE WIZARD OF OZ FIELDING AWARD after showcasing his talents at 3rd base this year.
  • JOE DUFFIN Named JOSH GIBSON SLUGGER AWARD after hitting 8 doubles, 4 triples and 5 homers while hitting .350 and knocking in 24 runs while scoring 23 himself.
  • MARTY ANDERSON Named GEORGE BRUNET MOST VALUABLE PITCHER AWARD winner after tossing the league’s only no-hitter and striking out 52 batters in 39 innings with a 1.85 era.

DLPB clubs

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Official Yuma Hotel for Desert League
Official Rehab Clinic of the Desert League
Official Power of the Desert League
Official Exterminator of the Desert League
Official Rock ‘n Roll Heaven of the Desert League


“Mmmmm…donuts.”        Homer Simpson


Official Chiropractor of the Desert League