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The Desert League of Professional Baseball is an independent fall league that will begin its inaugural season in September 2016. The season will run from September until November with each team playing 48 regular season games. All of our players will be paid. No player will pay to play in our league – this is true professional baseball.

We are catering to the first-year pro player. Our goal is to help players get their foot in the door of professional baseball, therefore we have adopted roster rules that require each team to carry 12 rookies. If you are looking for a place to start your professional career look no further. The Desert League is a perfect fit for players that have gone undrafted out of college or players that have been released from pro organizations.

Sneidgar Park
Snedigar Park, Chandler, Arizona

If you would like to play in the Desert League please REGISTER for our training camp. The 5-day training camp will start at 8:00 AM on September 15 in Chandler, Arizona at the Snedigar Sportsplex.  All teams will be present for the week giving players a chance to be seen by every coach and manager in our league. For players that earn a roster spot training camp will end September 19 and each team will travel south to their home city. Each team will then have several days to practice and get players moved into their housing before the season begins.

Our coaching staff at camp will have former professional players and professional scouts. Please call our office with any questions you have. This is a player’s league and we want to hear from you.

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NEWS UPDATE: THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS HAVE SHOWN WHAT IT TAKES AT ONE-DAY TRYOUTS IN SEDALIA, MISSOURI AND CLEVELAND, OHIO.  THESE QUALITY PLAYERS ARE INVITED TO TRAINING CAMP THIS SEPTEMBER…..Francisco Ramirez, Deonte Settles, Francisco Rivas, Cody Strayer, Cole Reynolds, Jake Slocum, Dmitry Shtykher, Ivey Starling, Zachary Akins, Robert Hogenkamp, Mike Hardin, Keegin Brannin, Chris Williams, Wesley Denzel, Jamal Hughes, Cody Arella and Sawyer Ochetree.

Registration is now open. Go to the ‘Training Camp‘ page and click the link. You can get five nights in a shared hotel room with internet, free breakfast and swimming pool for only $150 (they will even pick you up at the airport). Call 480-893-3900 and tell them you’re with the Desert League or better yet contact the property sales manager at Michelle.McFeters@JafferInc.com and she will personally take care of your reservation. A second option is the nearby Hampton Inn and Suites which for $243 will ferry you back and forth to the field and also supply a full breakfast along with light snacks during the day. Call them at 800-916-4380 and they will hook you up.

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The Official Hotel of the Desert League Training Camp


The Official Yuma Hotel for Desert League Visitors
The Official Rehab Clinic of the Desert League
The Official Power of the Desert League
The Official Exterminator of the Desert League
The Official Workout Facility of the Desert League