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The Desert League of Professional Baseball is an independent fall league. The season runs from October thru November with each team playing 44 regular season games. All of our players will be paid. No player will pay to play in our league – this is true professional baseball.

We are catering to the first-year pro player. Our goal is to help players get their foot in the door of professional baseball, therefore we have adopted roster rules that require each team to carry 12 rookies. If you are looking for a place to start your professional career look no further. The Desert League is a perfect fit for players that have gone undrafted out of college or players that have been released from pro organizations.

See our Advancement page for more players who have moved on!

DLPB clubs

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Official Yuma Hotel for Desert League
Official Rehab Clinic of the Desert League
Official Power of the Desert League
Official Exterminator of the Desert League
Official Rock ‘n Roll Heaven of the Desert League



Official Chiropractor of the Desert League